As you may be aware, PASAE – in partnership with societies of association executives across the country – launched a 24/7/365 compensation benchmarking platform designed exclusively for executives of professional, trade and service-centric associations/nonprofits. Our goal with this program is to provide valuable data that will maximize your budget when making important hiring and personnel decisions, while keeping your organization competitive. 

The value of this platform will increase as more organizations participate (i.e. more data = better results!). As a leader in the PASAE community, I am reaching out to you and fellow board members in hopes that you will consider supporting a major initiative of our organization with high potential for increased non-dues revenue by entering data.

While an annual subscription will be required in order to generate benchmarking reports, data entry is free and all information will remain anonymous. 

In addition to compensation and salary information, this platform also gathers data on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, such as: gender and racial identity of employees; hiring practices; DEI policies; and more. All organizations that input data by April 30th will receive a DEI Industry Snapshot Report at no cost. 

CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED, and remember there is no subscription required to enter your organization’s data. Additional information and answers to frequently asked questions can be found at