All committee Chairs and Vice Chairs are appointed by the Chair of the PASAE Board of Directors. 

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Special Committees

Education Committee

2018 Chair: Bethann Cray

Responsible for planning all of PASAE's educational programming, including speakers at the Educational Summit & Expo, NET Conference, and the Professional Development Series. 

Educational Summit & Expo Committee

2019 Chair: Yvonne Hersh

Plans the Expo, from the agenda to the theme. Promotes attendance, recruits sponsors, and markets the event. 

Foundation Event Committee

2018 Chair: Valerie Wickerham

Plans the annual Foundation Event & Silent Auction. 

Innovations Task Force

2018 Chair: Johanna Byrd

Evaluates new opportunities to advance the mission of PASAE and to provide gold-standard, innovative services to the association industry.

Standing Committees

Executive Committee

Chair:  Donna Centofanti, CHME

Works closely with the Executive Director and staff to oversee the daily operations of the association.  (Members include the Board Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Immediate Past Chair.)

Finance Committee

Chair: Donna Centofanti, CHME

Responsible for helping the Treasurer in the preparation of the preliminary budget for the association.  Reviews the financial statements regularly and advises the Treasurer on financial matters affecting the association. (Includes four association members, two of whom are sitting Board members.)

Membership Committee

Chair:  Andee Ecker

Promotes membership through networking, marketing, and an annual Open House and assists with member retention.

Awards Committee

Chair: Rhonda Rumbaugh

Oversees and promotes the Laurel Awards Program.  Reviews nominations and selects winners for the Scott D. Jackson Leadership Award and the Julie Sullivan Partner Award.

Nominating Committee

Chair:  Rhonda Rumbaugh

Responsible for nominating members to the Board based on specific criteria and developing the Board's leadership, ensuring that the Board assess its performance, and promotes ongoing volunteer recruitment efforts. (Includes three members, one of whom is a business member. Immediate Past Chair of the Board serves as Chair.)

New! Legislative Committee

2018 Chair: Leeann Sherman, CHSP

Promotes and develops opportunities to connect members with the Pennsylvania State Legislature.