PASAE Committees

“Volunteering on a Committee can help you meet personal and professional goals while being part of the development and furthering of PASAE’s mission - creating a community of association leaders that inspires and promotes excellence.”

– Leeann Sherman, MPS, PASAE immediate Past Chair


There are numerous opportunities for members to participate in all PASAE has to offer. Below is a listing of Committees and Task Forces on which members can serve. If you have any questions, contact Christian D. Malesic, MBA, CAE, IOM at [email protected]  or 717-614-4270. If you’re ready to get started, submit the Committee Interest Form and our staff will be in touch (please download the .pdf and complete, submission will not work in preview mode in your browser).

Committee and Task Force involvement is voluntary. As a Member, you can join any open Committee or Task Force any time throughout the year. The members of closed Committees are either appointed or elected to serve.



Association Finance Committee: This is a newly created committee with a purpose of serving members who would benefit from financial information and resources. Mission statement to be created by the committee members and leadership with approval by PASAE BOD leadership. Committee Chair: TBD

Awards Committee: Reviews nominations and selects winners for the Julie Sullivan Partner Award. The award is presented at the annual Connections Conference in March. Committee Chair: John Sallade, CRM

Business Partner Committee: This is a new committee established to provide our Sponsors and Business Partners with a unit to identify, propose, and elevate opportunities to maximize the benefits of collaboration with our association members. Committee Chair: Randy Byler, CMP

Education Committee: Responsible for planning all PASAE’s educational programming, including identifying speakers at the Connections Conference and for the Taste of Success programs. Promotes event attendance, assists with sponsor recruitment and event marketing. Committee Co-Chairs: Aaron Shenck and Mandi Glantz

Legislative Committee: Promotes and develops opportunities to connect members with the Pennsylvania State Legislature. Committee Chair: Leeann Sherman, MPS, CAE Committee Vice Chair: Diana Ewert, MPA, CAE

Membership Committee: Promotes membership through networking, marketing, Open Houses, and assists with member retention. Committee Chair: Sara Bustard



Innovations Task Force: Evaluates new opportunities to advance the mission of PASAE and to provide gold-standard, innovative services to the association industry. Task Force Chair: Leeann Sherman, MPS



Executive Committee: Consists of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, Immediate Past Chair and the Executive Director, a non-voting member. The Executive Committee may act in place of the Board of Directors between Board meetings on all matters, except those specifically reserved for the Board by the bylaws. Committee Chair: Jan Reisinger, MBA, CAE

Finance Committee: Responsible for helping the Secretary/Treasurer prepare the Association’s preliminary budget, reviews financial statements of the Association regularly and as necessary, provides guidance on financial matters affecting the association. Committee Chair: Joseph Ricci, Esq.

Nominating Committee: Responsible for developing the Board’s leadership, ensuring the Board assesses its performance and promotes on-going volunteer recruitment efforts. Committee Chair: Leeann Sherman, MPS