Meet Daniel Durden, CEO of the Pennsylvania Builders Association and one of the newest PASAE Board members. We asked Dan five questions about his experience with PASAE.

How long have you been a member of PASAE? Why was membership important to you?

I joined PASAE around the same time I started in my role with the Pennsylvania Builders Association in 2014. I wasn’t a Pennsylvania resident prior to taking this job, which is why I wasn’t a member here before. But I’d been a part of ASAE for 20 years. I was also a part of the Greater Washington Society of Execs before it merged with ASAE.

What has been your greatest area of growth within PASAE?

In my case, I hadn’t been around Pennsylvania in a while so it’s been most helpful learning more about the state, how organizations work together, where the association world is active and where it could be developed more.

How has your involvement in PASAE contributed to the success of your work with and on behalf of your own organization?

There are always issues that PASAE will be aware of that we as individual association community members may not know about. So, I consider my connection with PASAE to be a vital one. Some of those insights will be gained through formal communications and some through informal networking with other members. Much of this comes back to networking and as you develop relationships, you can see where you can form coalitions in various efforts. This helps us understand where and how we can help our members.

How has the past year shaped your involvement in PASAE?

Well, the easy answer is I haven’t seen anyone in person for the past year. Like many organizations, PASAE has figured out how to leverage zoom and other virtual platforms so the lack of in-person meetings hasn’t hindered my ability to engage with our members. But I am looking forward to seeing everyone in-person again very soon.

What are your objectives for 2021?

I plan to be more engaged with PASAE, especially as a member of the Board of Directors. I take this role very seriously. I want to help lead the charge, not only for my own association, but for PASAE as well. And it’s important that I contribute my time, energy and expertise to the association community as they share those same gifts with me.